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  Giro  Ravine 2001
 from Snow Leopard Mountain Sports 
 Ravine Vital Stats
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Brand: Giro
MSRP: $120
Shell: Full
Venting: active
Ear Flaps: fixed
Season: allseason
Head Shape: roval
Adult or Child: Adult
Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Certifications: CE
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The Giro Ravine is one of the most striking helmets available this year. The graphics on the more expensive version are stunning. The graphics on the black version are very plain, but the features are top-of-the-line! My top choice is the Blue Bomber Girl.

The fit on the Ravine is better for an oval head, but we've seen it fit a decent amount of round heads as well. The internal padding is plush and provides a fantastic level of comfort.

The venting is controlled by a simple to use sliding switch on the top of the helmet. Push it forward and you have massive venting available, pull it back and the vents seal up to provide you with all the warmth you'd ever need. There are 8 air intake ports and 2 exit ports to control the flow of air in and out of the helmet. The ports are covered with a mesh lining to prevent snow and ice from creeping in on snowy days.

The inside of the helmet is fleece lined for comfort and also has air chimneys to help direct the air intake toward the rear of the shell for exit.

The Ravine has a padded chin strap to prevent chafing and has the standard Giro goggle strap to help keep your goggles from falling off mid-slope.

The Ravine is CE certified.

If you are looking for a full shell helmet, with stylish graphics and full of features, the Giro Ravine SC is the perfect helmet for your needs!

Matt / Team - Grade: A+

Let me just say that I really wanted to like this helmet. I like the shape, the venting, the interior….

It just doesn't seem to fit my head well. Maybe it's my square, I mean, round type head. It feels like it sits up high, on top of my head, rather than down on it. Once I got used to that, everything about this model felt fine.

The top vent is an easy to use slide mechanism. Forward for venting, which draws air through the entire liner. Slide it back, which you can do mid-turn, with gloves on, and it seals out the cold. Nice. My one concern would be that it might be over-engineered. I tend to lean towards less moving parts on my helmets, thank you.

The interior and chin strap are fleece lined for comfort, and felt great after a long day on the slopes. Goggles stayed with me the entire time with the standard goggle strap, but also helped by the shape of this helmet. This has got to be one of the more striking designs available.

If you are in the market for a full shell helmet, look no further than the Giro Ravine SC.

James Howard Hill/ Team - Grade A-

 Ravine Ratings Details
5 of 5
5 of 5
4 of 5
5 of 5
4.8 of 5

5 is the Highest Rating Possible
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 from Snow Leopard Mountain Sports 


  WHAT Giro SAYS...
 from Snow Leopard Mountain Sports 

Over the years we’ve learned what to expect when we leave athletes alone with tools.

Basically, they cut and drill anything they can, including themselves.

In the case of the Ravine SC™, our World Cup pros were after bigger vents for more cooling power during long spring days, with one-touch adjustability for handling variable weather conditions.

So we added Thermostat vents to the Ravine’s sleek shell, cozy polar fleece lining and soft, padded chinstrap.

The result is a new standard for cool protection in a downhill racing-inspired helmet.




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 Ravine Photo

Blue Bomber Girl
 Ravine Other Colors
Stars & Stripes

 Ravine Review

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