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  Helmet Excuses

So, what are some of the commonly heard excuses for not wearing a ski or snowboard helmet? Send us Your Excuse!

Customer: "I'm a good skier and I rarely fall, so I think my children, who are beginners, need a helmet, but I definitely don't."
Skihelmets: "The risk of head injury is just as high for expert skiers as it is for beginners. As you become more comfortable on skis, you often ski more advanced terrain, that poses more obstacles both marked and unmarked. The reality is, accidents can and do happen regardless of age and ability."

Customer: "I've been skiing my whole life and I have never needed a helmet before."
Skihelmets: "It only takes one fall, or getting hit once to cause permanent, severe damage, and you never know when that might happen. You don't have control of other skiers on the slope." No excuse!

Customer: "Helmets are not fashionable, and I will look like an inexperienced fool wearing one."
Skihelmets: "There are so many different shapes, styles and colors of helmets that you can make your own, individual statement when you put yours on. We, as an active staff skiing at all the major Colorado resorts, have noticed a strong correlation between local, experienced skiers, and helmet use. Besides young kids, it's all the best skiers, riders, and racers who are wearing helmets right now.

Customer: "I'm just a beginner, I don't go fast."
Skihelmets: "Beginners ski or ride where there are many other beginners." Oftentimes beginners lose control, forget how to stop, don't know how to handle themselves on variable terrain, etc. This could be you or the person who hits you. Helmets don't protect you solely from speed

Justin S.:"Whenever I see a boarder or skier that's wearing a helmet I usually stop to see if they'll do some cool trick or move, knowing that those people who wear helmets (as your excuses also mentioned) are generally the best boarders and skiers. However, I'm not a "top notch" snow boarder therefore I don't want to be seen in a helmet and have people looking at me with high expectations only to see me fall or something. "
SkiHelmets: "We understand your fear of being watched, but are you really willing to risk your safety just so people don't look at you? You'd be surprised how many low level skiers are wearing helmets there days, it's not only the top-notch skiers and boarders anymore."

Robert B: "Here in Spain, where I ski, people think that ski helmets are only for racers. And if I were one, when I take the lift, people would look at me in a strange way saying something like "look, there comes Alberto Tomba, or nowadays, Herman Maier". So the excuse is that people would think that I'm not pro enough to wear a helmet."
SkiHelmets: "Robert, please see the answer to Justin S's excuse. Thank you! Good point, but not worth risking it in our opinion."

Mike: "Helmets are warm! I sweat a lot and prefer to ski without any head wear if possible. I feel a helmet will make the heat unbearable."
SkiHelmets: "Mike, we certainly understand where you are coming from. Heat is a huge issue! We would suggest trying a Giro Nine with the vent plugs removed. You'll be surprised at how cool it really is!



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